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SAKACOM; The affordable ICT And language school

The quest to learn a foreign language and become ICT literate to enhance one’s professional competence in a rapidly globalizing world has led to the establishment of several institutions in Ghana to meet this growing demand.

One of such institutions located in the capital Accra, is SAKACOM.

ICT And language school
ICT And language school

According to Mr. Emmanuel K.M. Aziawa, Director of the SAKACOM, the school offers affordable ICT training and language studies for Ghanaians and other nationals desiring to improve on their marketability.

To ensure that ‘products’ from the institute ample fit into any company or employment of their choice after training, the school grants them practical attachment in some organizations in the country to expose them to the nitty-gritty of the job market.

Much emphasis is on network security to some banks like the Bank of Ghana,ECOBANK, BACLEYS BANK ,UT BANK,FIDELITY BANK are beneficiaries of other ICT services offered by SAKACOM.

To Mr. Aziawa, the young experienced director of the school, SAKACOM’s achievements are not in the construction of any magnificent buildings or edifices but in the people the institution has trained and how it has imparted knowledge in them.

Many of SAKACOM’s students are working in companies and organizations in their respective countries such as Chad, Guinea, Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, among others. He doesn’t subscribe to the idea of Panafricanism since in this global

world, because, to him ‘we are all one people and irrespective of country or location, SAKACOM is ready to offer its services and training to those who need it.” In order to curb the incidence of excessive clubbing and other negative behaviors prevalent among some students in the country, the School has put in place counselling sessions and programmes such as excursions and visits that are periodically organized to keep them away from such things.

 “We want to be mothers and fathers to them to make sure their staying here is very useful”, he told Corporate Magazine. The school goes further to assist them get affordable accommodation and other facilities.

‘We want them to taking advantage of the numerous opportunities that are in Ghana before leaving to their countries .” SAKACOM also trains staff and workers of several organizations who want to improve upon their knowledge or level. SAKACOM is recognize by Ghana education  and is advanced in its accreditation process with the National Accreditation Board and would soon finalize the However, it is affiliated toother institutions for the MBA programmes it is running.

Sakacom offers the following programs Languages; Cisco engineer courses; Software and Database Development Network Infrastructure Engineering; Wide Area Networking; Software

Courses Sakacom is not only institution but also a ICT Solution Company. We provide network solution to many Banks and Companies in Ghana. (Bank of Ghana ,EcoBank Ghana, Barclays Banks Ghana, Ghana Commercial Bank, Standard Charted Bank Ghana, etc…

Our door are open for you we want to partner the success of your business At Sakacom anybody can make it.

Thank you for doing Business with us. And May God Bless You.

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