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Slingshot A-Z provides an extensive array of decorative pieces for your interior/exterior living space

Slingshot A-Z Company limited offers a proven track record of quality interior and exterior decor, painting, decorating, and upholstery services.

We  offer a proven track record of quality interior and exterior decor, painting, decorating, and upholstery services. Our extensive knowledge about design layouts and spatial flow equips us with the expertise to create beautiful and inspiring spaces. We design homes, offices, hospitals and more. We also produce inspiring pieces of customised furniture, balancing formality with elegance.

Interior Design Division

  • Makeovers
  • Interior & Exterior Decor
  • Curtains
  • Window Blinds Painting
  • Decorating and Upholstery Services

Landscaping and Fumigation Division

Landscaping is a service we have become adept at with years of experience. We provide quality landscaping services that include maintenance of the landscape. In addition, we provide fumigation services to ensure that predators and pests are kept out of your garden and property.

Construction Division

  • Construction Contracts,
  • uPVC and aluminium fabrication,
  • Borehole Drilling

Our conglomerate has sustained its business success by providing  functional construction solutions to various infrastructure projects across the country, Notable among these are schools, offices and homes.

We also drill boreholes as a source of sustainable provision of clean water. Our filtration system guarantees success. Our construction division also provides tiling, lighting and air conditioner installation and repair services are provided to clients.

Our technical personnel are experts in uPVC and aluminum fabrication.

Our Team

W e attribute our success to the vision of our clients, and our people. Our conglomerate is made up of a network of dedicated professionals across the globe. We have established partnerships with companies and experts who understand the Slingshot vision. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds including art, business, engineering, mathematics and agriculture backgrounds

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