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TOTALLY ETHNIK is a new born Enterprise since 2012 and based in Ghana.

Its activity sectors are many and goes from clothing creation to interior decoration (master tables, furniture, tableware…) through jewels creation coming all from ethnical inspiration (poids baoulé from Côte d’Ivoire, kita from Ghana, bogolan from Mali…).

So TOTALLY ETHNIK captures the essence of Africa and combines it with our recent world greatness. That results on a modern style, fresh, rich and full of vitality just as the two (2) clothing and jewels collections produced so far have attested.

Launched respectively in 2012 and 2013, collections « Birds of Paradise » and « Metropolis » display the Woman in all her facets: dynamic, distinguished, elegant, and going along with the time and fashionable.

Cell Phone: 00233(0) 543 543 174

Email Adress :

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