In Africa we trust


In Africa we trust Set… Ready? Go! Here we go with the new edition of our magazine Panafrican Corporates Bilingual Magazine; the magazine that connects the economic operators, contractors, those who make Africa Today and will continue to make Africa of Tomorrow.
About sixteen editions, it is now high time that your magazine, considering this murky Africa, decided to focus on the talents of the continent, look towards the potentialities, notify the certitudes, bring back hope, capitalize victories and draw up an inventory of forces … In every edition, we put our interest on creators of wealth, their every day’s lives and experience, their hopes and dreams, their ambitions and achievements.

This publication does not depart from that rule. The Panafrican Corporates Bilingual Magazine is henceforth part of the referential tools of communication and economic development of enterprises. Our team has taken the decision to play the key role of conscience propounding and initiative promoters of development.

In Africa today, a new day has set; a day of hope, confidence and faith. Hope for a better future; Confidence in future; Faith in God and in our potentialities.

A new day where all the children of the continent are singing in unison the hymn of development, considering our important resources.

A new day where the African youth is thirsty of progress given that the actual international economic context is very competitive.

There is evidence about the Pan-Africanist vision of your magazine: the globalization of economy and exchanges admits only the existence of great entities. Therefore, the whole Africa as one should stand for a genuine human, economic and social progress.

The most blazing desire of our team is to extend the distribution stand of the magazine to all the West African countries and make of this mean, in the long term, a vade mecum for all the young Africans, the contractors and incubators of ideas. To reach that target, we need the support and contribution of all.

This is our way to help for the construction of our dear Africa which, today than ever, needs all its children, from here and there, Anglophones and Francophones, Hispanics and other races to the challenges of development.

The challenge is huge and immense and we are conscious of that. But the idea that we don’t lack support makes us happier and increases our effort in achieving more for the
continent. In Africa we trust!

Source: Pan African Magazine / edition # 16 page 3