Once again we bring you another edition of Corporate Bilingual Magazine, a magazine dedicated to building networks across the West Africa sub-region to bring together those who make the corporate world tick, for the exploration of the numerous opportunities on the continent and beyond.
In this fast-globalizing world where businesses and enterprises are working together to take advantage of business opportunities in the system, this magazine seeks to create an avenue for the business and
entrepreneurial community in Africa to come together to build synergies for tapping the vast potentials of the continent.
Africa is renowned for its rich natural resources and many opportunities it has, as well as great talents, but the absence of the right tonic and collaboration in the corporate world continues to slow down its growth.
Corporate Bilingual Magazine is trying to bridge the gap between Francophone and Anglophone Africa, using this medium to highlight the good works of industrious men and women and other pacesetters in the corporate domain.
This is done with a firm belief that the corporate world holds the key to Africa’s accelerated development
and the media is the catalyst for this development, especially considering the rate at which communication is determining the fate of the world.
We are proud to be coming out with our eighth edition and trust that you would make the magazine a must-read one on a regular basis. The corporate world’s quest for a one-stop source of information on businesses and any related field, in both Anglophone and Francophone Africa is met in Corporate Bilingual Magazine.

The personalities featured in this edition are no mean achievers in their chosen field and the choice of making them the focus is in recognition of their contribution to the business world, serving as role model to many.

As we continue to grow from edition to edition, we implore you, our major stakeholders, to make yourselves part of this vision through your comments and observations, to serve as our guide in making this magazine one you would also be proud of reading.
Thank You

Source: Pan African Magazine / edition #8/ page 4