It is a New Year once again and we are very excited to begin 2015 with you in great expectation of better things than the previous year.

Certainly, the previous year came with ups and downs with many gaining and others losing in whatever ventures they went into; whatever went on, Corpora

Falade Bidossessi (Editor)
Falade Bidossessi (Editor)

tes Magazine believe we have in you, our readers, great people we can continue to partner in lifting the African Continent and its people from the current situation to a better one.

We are happy to come your way with the 17th edition our magazine and also the first for the year, rather your magazine for 2015 and are even more excited to know that you would be patronizing it this year as we continue to improve with each passing day.

Business and networking in Africa was last year affected in some ways by the outbreak of the Ebola Virus that devastated Liberia, Sierra Leone and others. The disease brought activities to a virtual standstill in the two most affected nations, with its multiplying effects on other African countries.

The real effects of Ebola on businesses cannot be quantified when viewed from the number of people whose activities were stalled by their inability to go to those countries for business, besides the human loss.

In spite of that, the resilience of the people of the continent was made manifest as the people in Liberia and Sierra Leone begin a period of restoration reminiscent of the post-World War reconstruction efforts.

We at Corprates Magazine are convinced that within a short time business in those countries would regain their vibrancy to contribute to the overall growth of our beautiful continent. That is the African Spirit of resilience.

This magazine would continue with the business of helping Africans network with each other and others on the globe to accelerate growth and meet the aspirations of its people. This is a commitment we have given ourselves and are not relenting until we achieve our goals.

Wherever you are reading from, we are encouraging you to be part of the process and to support this cause by actively partnering with us through readership and advertizing to ensure the set objectives are achieved.

Your contributions and comments are still welcome as we thank you for helping us improve on what we have been doing in the previous years.

Happy New Year 2015!!!