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Diplomat Guest House; hosts various distinguished guests from across the globe

Located in the serene environs of Airport Residential area, Diplomat Guest House hosts various distinguished guests from across the globe, ranging from diplomats, as the name goes, business executives and people of various nationalities.

To cater for the needs of the diversified nationalities that patronize their service, the management of the hotel has employed workers from across the West African sub-region such as Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and Nigeria, among others, who are catering for all the services one expects to receive in a five-star hotel.

Diplomat Guest House / photo credit: TripAdvisor
Diplomat Guest House / photo credit: TripAdvisor

Diplomat was born out of an interesting incident that happened to the Chief Executive OḀcer of the facility- . Mr. Raji, who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive OḀcer (CEO) of Black Well Petroleum Nigeria Ltd and Black Well Productions Ltd, recounted that some years ago he came to Ghana for business transaction and had to use the Felicia Guest House (now Diplomat) whilst pursuing his counterpart for money for products supplied. It turned out that the partner defaulted in payment, resulting in him (Mr. Raji) staying at the hospitality facility for 3 months.
The rapport built with the management during that time led to him owning what is now known as Diplomat Guest House. ‘So far so good; no condition is perfect” was his response to the question of how difficult it has been so far.

Diplomat Guest House / photo credit: TripAdvisor
Diplomat Guest House / photo credit: TripAdvisor

His objective is to continually make Diplomat Guest House a place to relax, feel secure and still engage in intellectual discussions and where people of like minds can engage in fruitful dialogue and create further opportunities.

The decision to come to Ghana was born out of Mr. Raji’s desire to expand beyond Nigeria and to diversify his business orientation. He hopes to extend his business in the next few years into agriculture and estate development, which happens to be the next focus.

“Ghana is a friendly nation and we share a common language; apart from the conducive climate, communication and an improved energy sector form part of the motivation to come to Ghana,” he says, adding that, “ᴀe world is a global village and whatever challenges are faced in one country are likely to be faced in another; however, business has a common language which is to succeed and that is everybody’s dream.”Mr. Raji relates well with other business men since he believes without
good relations one cannot succeed in life.

He is of the opinion that, there is healthy business in the country but there is still room for improvement.
Building his business practices on a strong religious believe, the astute but unassuming businessman’s philosophy in life is, “fairness, honesty and unreserved integrity should be the driving force of every businessman.”

“We should let the fear of God stem down the rate of corruption, especially in Africa with a focus on global warming; we should have a focus on how we put pressure on the planet. Give peace a chance for the world to be a lovely place to be;” that was his message to the entire universe.

Source: Pan African Magazine / edition#8 /page 12

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